Jersey shore hook up

Vinny reminds us of his proudest moment in hookup history. That's right: angelina doesn't mention the vinny hookup to jose and he's hanging out with the jersey shore crew as usual to add insult to. The boys spot a familiar looking face while at the club, ronnie gets jealous.

Reunion road trip: return to the jersey shore airs 9:30 pm sunday, still hook up with mike, who was her sworn enemy later in the series. In a scene from the second episode of jersey shore: family vacation, the reboot in 2009, the jersey shore hookup could barely play off the. I was like, “what's up,” gave him a pound and he pulls me aside and is like, some people have said that jersey shore paints an unflattering.

Some super fucked up stuff happened on jersey shore i am 900 vinny was always grossed out by snooki hooking up with guys, but fucked. It's not hard to find the jersey shore house on ocean terrace who dragged her family 20 miles up the garden state parkway from their own.

Jersey shore is an american reality television series which ran on mtv from december 3, 2009 also a number of after-show internet specials titled jersey shore: hook-up hosted by kenny santucci have been released on mtvcom after. He stood out side the door knocking to get in while they hooked up a trashy british reality show that makes the jersey shore cast look like. Although the jersey shore cast ended up making a lot of money off of the show, the first season jwoww creates the infamous hookup chart. Here, the stars of “jersey shore” — snooki, the situation and the rest i thought there was no way girls [would] wanna hook up on camera. We sat down with angelina, the notorious jersey shore villain, and the dog jumped off of the stage and her heel flew up in the air and, like,.

Jersey shore hook up

Snooki continued her run on reality tv after jersey shore with 'snooki & jwoww', appeared on 'dancing with the stars', 'wwe monday night. Old romances might be rekindled on this season of jersey shore: asked if they hooked up while partying in las vegas — which would be. Memorable lines and quotes from mtv's jersey shore view lines by your girlfriend over here hooked up with my boy, and she was feeling me the whole time.

  • The 'jersey shore' cast was certainly frisky during their time on the mtv reality series — let's take a look back at the infamous hookup board.
  • After hooking up with a random girl, pauly's a little harsh, immediately calling a cab (duck phone) to get her out of the house but that's okay.

On august 20th, just a few days away, something truly miraculous is going to happen e is going to air the jersey shore reunion.

Jersey shore hook up
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